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Bairncroft Foster Care offers quality and caring foster care services for people of all ages


Welcome to Bairncroft Foster Care

Bairncroft Foster Care is a professional foster care agency with a diverse team of foster homes licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and approved by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  We are dedicated to providing at risk children and adults with special needs with a safe, nurturing and professional home setting in which they can thrive, grow and reach their fullest potential. We provide services and programming for children and adults of all ages who present with a range of functioning levels, emotional and behavioural challenges.  Bairn Croft was established in 1996 and is known for providing quality and caring services and treatment.

Bairncroft Foster care also provides foster care serves to non-special needs children who require additional structure and nurturing of experienced, trained foster parents to help them thrive and ‘met’ their full potential.

Our mandate

To provide the highest quality of service and care in partnership with families, the community, social services, health practitioners, mental health professionals, and educators in meeting the needs of children and adults with special needs. To ensure we promote social inclusion, personal and cultural identity, spiritual growth, individual choice, independence, and the rights of all children and adults in our care.

Supports for our Foster Parents and Individuals in our care:

Bairncroft Foster Family Supervisor

We assign a Barincroft foster care supervisor to each foster home. The foster care supervisor will provide each family with on-going support and will act as the liaison with the Children’s Aid Societies and other organizations.

24/7 On-Call Support

A Bairncroft Supervisor is on-call around the clock to assist foster parents in an emergency. We are committed to helping ensure foster parents and individuals placed in their care have a successful and positive experience.

Continuing Education and Ongoing Support

Bairncroft’s on staff Clinical Director is committed to continually developing the skills of our foster parents by ensuring they have opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills through formal and informal training sessions. As well, Bairncroft has a board resource library uniquely focused on special needs that all our foster families can access for additional support.  Foster families find our monthly training sessions a great way to connect with other foster parents and provide a network of peer support to one another.

“The Bairncroft Family”

Foster Families that join the “Bairncroft Family” become part of a network of caring people. Throughout the year, to show our appreciation for our foster families’ tremendous dedication, Bairncroft hosts activities for all of our Bairncroft families to enjoy! Activities range from enjoying Halloween activities at Saunders Farm; visiting Upper Canada Village for Christmas lights and a feast; interacting with Ray’s Reptiles and enjoying a summer BBQ; experiencing a winter sleigh rides and eating a delicious brunch;  swimming and eating pizza at a pool party; and watching a Senators/67’s hockey games. These are just some of the ways we strive to build a strong, caring network to support our families. In addition, our much-anticipated annual foster parent appreciation brunch is another important, fun and relaxing time specifically for our foster parents.

Financial Support and In-Home Support

Our foster parents receive a daily non-taxable, per diem for each child or adult placed in their care. The per diem is reimbursement for the foster child/adult’s living expenses incurred.  In addition to financial support, each child or adult with special needs placed will receive daily support hours. Bairncroft is dedicated to assisting our foster families. Foster families can use in-home foster care support through Barincroft or establish their own support network with help from our Foster Care Supervisor.

Access to Clinical Supports

Our foster care supervisors assist foster parents with developing and implementing behaviour programing under the direction of our Clinical Director. Our Clinical Director works jointly with respected health professionals recognized for their work in special needs.  The Clinical Director meets with foster families in their home to review and develop behavioural programs when needed. In addition, to help ensure a positive foster experience and to monitor progress, at Bairncroft we hold a bi-weekly clinical review meetings with the foster care supervisors and the Clinical Director.

Relief & Emergency Services

At Bairncroft we understand the tremendous joys and challenges that fostering presents.  Although we take every effort to ensure that our foster families and individuals placed in their care, are well supported and have the tools they need, we know that sometimes there are unforeseen life moments too.  To this end, we ensure that Bairncroft foster parents have access to both monthly planned and crisis respite care. The foster family and the foster child/adult benefit from the relief period and it provides an opportunity to change the focus and rejuvenate energy. Some families choose to accumulate their allotted 48 hours per month for holidays and other special occasions.  In addition, Bairncroft assists foster families in creating a relief support network, as well as organizing emergency relief services for foster parents if required.

Foster Families

To match the diverse needs of our children, we look for foster families from a wide range of backgrounds. Also for families to help care for adults with special needs who wish to live in a family home. To become a foster family, candidates will follow the three steps below.

Step 1:  Phone or email

Contact Bairncroft Foster Care. One of our Foster Care Supervisors will provide you with initial information about fostering with us. If you and your family are still interested in becoming a foster family, we will arrange for a Foster Care Supervisor to meet with you at your home. If at this point both you and the supervisor feel that fostering would be a positive addition to your family, an information package with an application form will be provide to you to start the process.

Step 2: Foster Home Study

SAFE (Structured Assessment Family Evaluation) is Ontario’s standardized home study for foster and adoptive applicants. The written home study involves 4-6 home visits from our Foster Home Assessor with you and your family, along with supporting documentation. 

Step 3: Welcome Aboard!

Once all your documentation has been obtained and approved, you will be assigned a Foster Care Supervisor who will support and oversee your home. You will complete some initial foster care training, in addition to our on-going support and training, which will assist you in your fostering career.

Placement shall be made after a careful consideration of how the prospective foster family will meet the child/adults needs and preferences ensuring the child or adult with special is mutually suitable.

Interested in Fostering?

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