Intensive Support and Supervision program (ISSP)

vertical_photoThe Intensive Support and Supervision program (ISSP) is based on the provisions of the YCJA, s.42 (2)(1).  The ISSP program is a pilot program developed to provide intensive clinical and community supports, supervision and crisis management for youth in conflict with the law. These youth are diagnosed with serious mental health or developmental needs whose offence might result in a custody sentence. The ISSP program is appropriate for youth who can be appropriately supported and supervised in the community without jeopardizing community safety.

Clinical services will occur in the young person’s ecology through an individualized, comprehensive and integrated treatment plan based on the empirically derived determinants of serious clinical problems and antisocial behaviour.   Intervention development will hinge on the collaboration of the young person, his/her family and other systems to achieve positive change.   Intervention development will integrate evidence-based treatment techniques such as behavioural therapies, cognitive behavioural therapies, pragmatic family therapies, and pharmacological interventions.

The Intensive Support and Supervision Program is jointly delivered by Bairn Croft Residential Services Inc., Youturn Youth Support Services (formally known as Eastern Ontario Youth Justice Agency) and the John Howard Society of Ottawa.  For more detailed information refer to