Branches Day Program

A therapeutic recreational / vocational program providing a unique day experience for adults with exceptionalities while respecting their individualities.

Welcome to Branches Day Program

Branches is a day leisure/work  program that is open to adults with Intellectual deficits and Dual Diagnosis. Participants gather at the same site daily and access the community regularly for life skills, social/leisure, or vocational learning opportunities as identified in their individual support plans. Each participant is placed with a group to maximize use of space, to facilitate activity options, and to ensure appropriate levels of support. The groups have facilitators assigned to them to create stability and good building of rapport and consistency. Schedules and routines are predictable and planned well ahead to smooth transitions and to provide an environment that has structure and stability. Participants are offered music/media options, regular physical movement activities, a sensory room, community integration to enhance social inclusion, creative expression activities, and a variety of adaptive skills options to enhance those skills as is suitable to level of ability. Clinical services are provided through regular consultation with a Certified Behaviour Analyst in cases where these supports are identified as being a helpful part of the support plan. The program itself is built on a basic behavioural framework and all participants have the benefit of these techniques to encourage skill development and the learning of adaptive functioning skills. Emphasis in the program is on individual skills and abilities and the flexible development of individualized support plans within the group context.

Upcoming Events

Holiday Gift Program

This year for the holiday season we are going to be visiting THE MUD OVEN on Bank st. to paint a piece of handmade ceramic art. This item will be cooked in the kiln and ready for pick up a week after painting it.Our participants will get to take their item home to give it to a loved one for Christmas.

We ask that each participant send in $20.00 for the cost of the gift. Everyone is to send in their money by November 13th. Items available to be chosen are:

  1. a Mug
  2. a Holiday tree ornament
  3. a small figurine

We have reservations on the following dates for the following groups:

  • Group 3: November 14
  • Group 4: November 17
  • Group 2: November 19
  • Group 1: November 27